Free Web Tools

Free Web Tools

Use our free tools to find link opportunities, conduct link research or automate link building tasks.

Or get access to the complete suite of tools by subscribing to BuzzStream for Link Building.

Free Tools

Email Research Tool
Enter a name, company and website and this tool will generate Google searches to find their email address.
Link Building Query Generator
Automatically creates link building search queries to help you find link opportunities. Saves them as an OPML file for easy import into monitoring dashboards.
Extract Domain from a URL
Takes a list of URLs, extracts the domain and saves the list as a CSV file.
Extract Descriptive Text from a URL
Takes a list of URLs, extracts the descriptive text at the end of the URL and saves the list as a CSV file (e.g., turns into "programs").
Extract Links from HTML
Copy and Paste HTML and extract links with Anchor text into a CSV file.
Build outreach lists from blogrolls Enter in a set of URLs and this tool will find their blogrolls and build an outreach list that includes the blogroll members.
Extract Page Title, Description and Keywords from URLs Enter a list of URLs and this tool will return the title tag, keywords and description for them.

Tools for BuzzStream Subscribers

Link Buzzmarker
Turn a web page into a link contact for link building campaigns. Automatically collects metrics and contact information.
Influence Evaluation Tool
Import a list of domains and BuzzStream collects key metrics for all of them (e.g., PageRank, mozRank, unique visitors, cache date, site age, inbound links, etc.)
List Builder
Filter contacts to build outreach lists. Filter criteria includes site and page metrics, relationship history, tags, link status and many others.
Outreach module
Designed to enable you to scale your outreach without sacrificing the personalized, relationship-based communication required to get links.
Social Influencer Research Tool Find people taking about your brand and your topics on twitter, blogs, social bookmarking sites, etc. Automatic collection of metrics for sites mentioning your keywords.

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